The Entire Nation Sacrificed to Win the Second World War

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I recently examined the contents of an April 1945 “Woman’s Day” magazine that carried a price tag of two cents. I was three years old when this publication hit the local magazine stands. What impressed me the most was the emphasis of World War II on advertisements and sacrifices made during the conflict. For example:

Columnist Recalls City's Reaction to News That War Was Over

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The August 14, 1945 Johnson City Press Chronicle headline with "PEACE" written across the top of it in large bold letters said it all: "Japan Bows; War Over” - Washington, Aug. 14 (AP) - President Truman announced at 7:00 p.m. EWT (Eastern War Time) tonight. - Japanese acceptance of surrender terms. They will be accepted by Gen. Douglas MacArthur when arrangements can be completed.”