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1928 City Commission Addressed Appy Fair, Other Issues

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In 1928, Johnson City’s government was housed inside City Hall at W. Main and Boone streets. Officials were W.J. Barton, Mayor and City Judge; T.H. McNeil, Recorder and Treasurer; Guy S. Chase, Attorney; Dr. J. T. McFadden, Physician; H.F. Anderson, Commissioner of Finance; S.O. Dyer, Commissioner of Streets; and C.E. Rogers, Superintendent of Schools.

Telephone's History Has Covered Long Distance

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A favorite program from radio’s golden age was Lum and Abner, originating in 1931 with this opening dialog: (Three telephone rings): “By grannies, Abner, I believe that’s our ring.”… “I doggies Lum, I believe you’re right.”… “I’ll see. Hello, Jot’ Em Down Store, this is Lum and Abner.” Lum’s comment, “I believe that’s our ring,” vividly illustrates the improvements made in phone service since Alexander Graham Bell invented this unique contrivance in March 1876.