Jan. 2, 1890 Was an Eventful One for Johnson City Expansion

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Jan. 1, 1890 was a busy day for Johnson City. During all the hard times of the late 1800s, Johnson City had more desirable and more permanent work than any other town, large or small, in the South. Notwithstanding the bad weather, work steadily advanced on all the plants and factories, until they were on the threshold of prosperity’s open door.

1917 Johnson City Directory Likened to Defoe's Robinson Crusoe

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One of the most persistent advertisers in fictional history was Robinson Crusoe, a character penned by Daniel Defoe in a book by the same name. The castaway believed in the power of advertising and knew exactly what he wanted - a ship, not to own but to rescue him from a desert island filled with a host of unsavory residents.

Johnson City Press-Chronicle's Circulation Department Had Its Own War Stories

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On June 10, 1984, Mary Alice Basconi, Johnson City Press-Chronicle business writer, composed an article titled, "Circulation Departments Have Their Own 'War Stories.'" It concerned the 50th anniversary of the newspaper, which began publication on June 12, 1934. According to Jesse Curtis, former Press circulation manager, this department of workers produced their own brand of war stories.