Recalling the 1973 Tennessee Vols, Temple Owls Basketball “Game”

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Dec. 15, 1973 was a cold Saturday night in Knoxville. My wife and I, along with our friends, Allen and Charlotte Stafford, drove there from Johnson City to see the Volunteers play the Temple Owls in the Volunteer Classic. We joined 11,700 others at the Stokely Athletics Center. The temperature inside would soon get as cold as it was outside. Allen and I pooled our recollections of that night for this column.

Billy the Kid Made Numerous Tracks on ETSC Campus in 1953

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A few weeks ago, Joe Avento, a Press Staff Writer, produced an interesting article for the newspaper titled, "From a goat to a parrot: ETSU's choices of nicknames, mascots quite the colorful tale." In the piece, he noted the various mascot names the school has adopted over the years, such as Bucky, Pepper, Captain Kidd I and Captain Kidd II. Joe further explained that Captain Kidd I came on board in 1950 and disembarked in 1957, allowing Captain Kidd II to take over the helm.

Teacher Put Positive Spin on Southern Mountaineers in 1927

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In 1927, Miss Lucy Schaeffer, a former teacher at the Dorland Bell School in Hot Springs, NC addressed two missionary societies, asserting the position that no mentally dull or stupid person inhabited the mountainous districts of the Carolinas and Tennessee. Her talk, "The Land of Not Enough," put a positive spin on mountain folks.